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ITBM Solutions – professional IT support and outsourcing services

ITBM Solutions experts will take care of your IT systems and all related processes, ensuring their smooth operation, functionality and absolute security.

With ITBM Solutions, save time and resources!


IT outsourcing services for optimal business growth

We provide a full range of IT outsourcing services, including:

  • Software support;
  • Computer systems support;
  • Server support and virtualization;
  • Assistance in critical situations;
  • IT infrastructure audit;
  • Vulnerability testing of IT resources;
  • Information systems security management;
  • Backup & Disaster recovery

ITBM Solutions will offer you the right solutions for optimal and sustainable business growth.


IT support for your business

We guarantee the full availability of your information systems by providing the most advanced technological solutions, including services for:

  • Remote computer systems support;
  • Software support;
  • Hardware maintenance;
  • Local Area Connections;
  • IT infrastructure design and audit.

In ITBM Solutions you will find a trusted partner responsible for all IT structures so that you can focus all your attention and valuable time on the main aspects of your business.


High level professional server support

Ensure reliable, quality and fast service for your servers when they are supported and monitored by our specialists with ITBM Solutions offering:

  • Firewalls;
  • Email servers;
  • Backup servers;
  • File servers;
  • Database servers.

Let us take care of the smooth operation and flawless image of your business by ensuring protection, continuity and reliability of all your servers.



ITBM Solutions offers expert SOC & NOC support services to ensure the security and uptime of your organization’s networks:

  • SOC – Security Operations Center – monitor, detect, investigate and respond to the identification of cyber-attacks and/or unauthorized access to your data systems;
  • NOC – Network Operations Center – 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s networks to maintain a reliable and serviceable network infrastructure.

With ITBM Solutions’ NOC & SOC services, your organization’s data security and network services are in safe hands.