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Professional IT outsourcing services

Optimize your business growth with the professional IT outsourcing services offered by ITBM Solutions.

Basics of IT outsourcing services

We are experts in the latest IT outsourcing services.

Advantages of IT outsourcing services

IT outsourcing services will take any business to the next level.

IT outsourcing services from ITBM Solutions

We provide a full range of IT services tailored to meet your needs.

What are IT outsourcing services?

The increasing volume of operational activities with different specification that modern business needs often requires external assistance to better optimize its processes.

Outsourcing services increasingly pertain to the work on “secondary” tasks, operations, and others. They are delegated to an external contractor with the aim of allowing the entire human and time resources of the company to focus on its core functions in order to achieve set goals.

With its proven efficiency and strategic business benefits, modern service outsourcing encompasses a number of key processes such as IT services, software and hardware maintenance, server support, etc., provided by companies outside the core organization – trusted outsourcing companies such as ITBM Solutions.

What are IT outsourcing services?ITBM Solutions – a company specialized in offering complex IT outsourcing services in Bulgaria, available for a wide range of businesses.

IT outsourcing services from ITBM Solutions – the benefits that will grow your business


We provide the right technical solutions in IT services for your business, guided by your specific needs and internal company requirements. Every aspect of your information systems is carefully analyzed by our experts to achieve optimal business results.

All for one purpose – your satisfaction!


We closely monitor the processes involved in designing, building, operating and upgrading your IT structures in order to offer your business the solutions that will provide it with optimal operational efficiency and excellent digital protection unparalleled in the market.

Because looking after your organization’s processes and data is our top priority!


Trust the expertise, extensive experience and wide range of resources our company has to offer to help you achieve your business goals. No matter where you are located and in which industry your business is positioned – we guarantee you a reliable and professional service regarding your IT systems.

ITBM Solutions is a trusted IT partner whose services will take your business to the next level!

ITBM Solutions is your IT outsourcing company

A modern business needs a functional and secure IT infrastructure, the efficiency of which should be taken care of by the relevant specialists.

Take advantage of the many benefits that IT outsourcing services offer:

Competitive advantage

Why keep up with new technologies if you can lead the race against the competition and with a significant lead? Outsourcing services allow your business to focus on the meaningful activities aimed at its prosperity.

Leave the tasks related to IT solutions – from designing and building IT systems to complete software, hardware and server support – to us.

Flexible solutions

Choose the modern IT outsourcing solutions that ITBM Solutions offers, based on innovation, quality and reliability.

With us, you get system administration computer support tailored to your individual needs and delivered according to your specific goals.

Be agile in a dynamic business environment based on digitalization and high technology.

Optimal costs

Benefit from a professional IT service at a lower cost, saving yourself all the costs associated with hiring IT specialists and support staff.

ITBM Solutions guarantees a subscription service at the most affordable price, subject to a detailed regulated contract and transparent conditions, according to your demands.

IT outsourcing services from ITBM Solutions – everything you need from one provider/supplier

We offer comprehensive IT services in all major areas.

IT outsourcing services range from the use of specific software and hardware products and their updates, to comprehensive information security and data protection solutions.

Software support

We keep your software systems running smoothly by preventing crashes, bugs and other problems.

All this minimizes the risk of crisis situations that can negatively affect your work.

We also help you select the right software solutions for antivirus protection of your business and data.

Computer systems support

We perform regular diagnostics and preventive maintenance of computer systems to ensure their smooth operation.

We design, build and audit the collaboration between the computer systems in your office and their connection to the peripherals in use.

We are guided by your computer office networking requirements to ensure optimal functionality.

Server support and virtualization

We support the overall server infrastructure of your business, through which information flows, data is being stored, processed and analyzed. We configure the IT infrastructure to allow secure mobile access to your work files, as well as their backup and recovery in crisis situations, such that there is near-zero downtime.

Assistance in emergency situations

ITBM Solutions offers expert assistance from an IT expert in critical situations related to your computer systems, software and hardware.

We will give you a quick and effective solution, you can always rely on professional advice, and in case of need – we will develop a methodology to avoid similar crisis situations in the future.

Our subscription customers have access to all these expert services according to individually agreed terms and conditions.

IT infrastructure audit

We perform a professional audit of the IT infrastructure used in your organization.

The procedure includes getting to know your current IT infrastructure, inventorying assets, verifying licenses and monitoring the usefulness of your software.

Based on this data, we will give you expert advice on which aspects of the company can be improved and how, as well as which can be removed (in case their use is not beneficial for you).

Vulnerability testing of IT resources

We perform professional vulnerability testing of systems and the resources they use.

We use specialized vulnerability software that can generate reports on the criticality of individual components – part of the IT infrastructure.

Based on this data, we take the right decisions to ensure the absolute protection and reliability of your systems.

Information Security

Detailed knowledge of information security measures and associated supporting IT infrastructure.

Information security is among the most important aspects of business and every modern company should ensure the reliability of its data.

At ITBM Solutions we take care of information security, taking appropriate organizational and technical actions to protect against accidental and/or intentional malicious attacks.

Backup & Disaster recovery

Backup is a must for any organization – regardless of its line of business – and covers IT infrastructure components such as:

  • Servers;
  • Databases;
  • Communication devices and firewalls;
  • Network switches;
  • Some work computers with a specialized purpose or important role.

Disaster Recovery is the procedure of recovering your IT resources at the level of:

  • Local Area Connections (LAN);
  • Communications;
  • Servers and information security tools;
  • Databases and applications such as ERM, CRM, etc.;
  • Computers and specialized devices.

With Disaster Recovery activities, we ensure full recovery of your systems, identify the causes of the incident and take action to minimize the risk of recurrence.


Outsourcing (in English: outsourcing, from outside resourcing – hiring human resources from outside the company) is the transfer of individual tasks for the maintenance of part of the business processes to an external company specialized in their provision.

Examples of effective outsourcing services that a number of companies at various scales benefit from are accounting, legal, logistics and customs services, as well as IT services for companies.

IT outsourcing services offer a number of key benefits, including competitive advantage, flexible solutions and optimal costs.