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ITBM Solutions offers you high-level SOC & NOC services to ensure the uptime and protection of your network infrastructure 24/7.

SOC & NOC – essentials

SOC & NOC play important roles in managing and protecting organizational networks.

Advantages of SOC & NOC

SOC & NOC services have a number of key benefits for your business.

SOC & NOC from ITBM Solutions

We are experts in SOC & NOC support services for your business

What is a SOC & NOC and what functions do they perform?


A SOC (Security Organization Center) has the function to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate and respond to potential cyber-attacks on your systems. The service is provided 24/7.


ITBM Solutions’ professionals committed to providing SOC services monitor and protect your organization’s assets, including its intellectual property data, personnel, business systems and more.

The SOC team executes a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for your business structure and serves as a central point for coordinating the protection of your business from cybercrime.


NOC (Network Organization Center) stands at the heart of a company’s communication links.

The network infrastructure ensures reliable communication internally, and hence the management of its entire range of functions.

In a complex structure such as a network, there is a potential risk that one or more of its components could become faulty or show issues.

To minimize this risk, ITBM Solutions experts, as part of a specialized unit – the Network Security Center (NOC), can perform 24/7 network troubleshooting monitoring.

Our IT technicians can provide this service to monitor and manage your network resources remotely.

Benefits of SOC & NOC services for your business structure

SOC & NOC can be provided separately, depending on the specific needs of your business.

In most cases they go hand in hand, and their main advantages can be summed up in two big common goals:

  • Ensure uninterrupted availability and protection of services, applications and data on the networks where you operate (on-premises, cloud, hybrid, etc.) – a key factor in your business success;
  • Prevent the risk of errors, hacker attacks and problems with performance, security and access to the data that your business structure operates with.

Why SOC & NOC from ITBM Solutions?

TBM Solutions has a team of experts who can provide you with reliable, round-the-clock SOC & NOC outsourcing services.

With our service we guarantee:

  • Complete protection of your systems and networks 24/7;
  • Save time, effort and money

To maintain and manage an in-house SOC & NOC IT expert team, it takes quite a bit of money and effort on the company’s part.

The process is labor-, time- and capital-intensive, which is why more and more modern businesses, in many different industries and of varying sizes, are delegating this service to an outside contractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SOC is a network security center that encompasses the collection of IT experts, tools, processes, software and hardware used to protect your network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse or cyber-attack.

SOC can be managed in-house or outsourced to an external contractor such as ITBM Solutions (outsourced SOC services).

The NOC is a centralized hub (place, space) where a team of network administrators monitor your networks 24/7.

These types of IT services are needed by organizations that insist on a high level of network performance and availability.

NOC services can be provided internally (an IT unit within your business) or externally – service providers, such as ITBM Solutions, run this service for you.

The answer to this question is strictly subjective. It depends primarily on the size of your company, the set of data and resources it operates with, and more. To find out if you need this type of IT services, consult the ITBM Solutions team.