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Professional IT support

With ITBM Solutions, your IT systems are in safe hands – we provide you with a comprehensive computer service to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operation of all processes.

Basics of IT support

ITBM Solutions provides IT support solutions for businesses.

Advantages of IT support

Computer support for companies – take your business to the next level.

IT support – services from ITBM Solutions

Subscription services for IT support, software and hardware.

Remote IT helpdesk from ITBM Solutions

The computer support offered by ITBM Solutions includes a wide range of activities that every modern business needs in one form or another.

Our services in this area are focused on providing the right IT solutions for your business.

They aim to ensure a reliable technological infrastructure and the efficiency of the software and hardware products used.

We continuously monitor your technology business environment to prevent potential problems and drastically reduce response time in crisis situations.

We save you all kinds of inconvenience and potential loss of financial resources, time and nerves in case of problems with the software and hardware products used.

ITBM Solutions is for the benefit of your employees, customers and business as a whole.

IT support company

ITBM Solutions has been offering quality, innovation and reliability in its IT support services for small and medium businesses for over 15 years.

Why to choose IT SUPPORT from ITBM Solutions?

Our expert team offers professional IT support for businesses to ensure an efficient and secure working environment – our service is distinguished by:

Optimal IT support costs

Quality IT solutions for business don’t always mean a high price. ITBM Solutions’ subscription plans offer affordable prices from a wide range of computer support services to take advantage of. Compared to the monthly salary of internal IT administrators, our services are at least 50% less.

Service from proven IT experts

The uptime of your computer systems and infrastructure is guaranteed. IT support is in the hands of proven experts – part of the ITBM Solutions team.

Personal IT solutions

We audit existing computer networks, and if necessary – design and build new IT networks in the office environment. And all this is according to your requirements and the solutions your business needs.

IT Support Services from ITBM Solutions

We offer comprehensive IT services in several main areas.

IT outsourcing services range from the use of specific software and hardware products and their updates, to complete information security and data protection solutions.

Computer equipment maintenance

ITBM Solutions is among the leading IT support companies in Bulgaria.

We have years of experience in providing complete technology solutions.

We offer a range of specialist remote IT support services for small and medium sized businesses.

Software support

System crashes, bugs and any type of violations that can compromise your company’s performance should be fixed as quickly as possible.

That’s why we implement preventive, ongoing and emergency measures to ensure your systems are up and running.

Hardware support

We provide timely preventive maintenance and diagnostics of your IT infrastructure, which enables us to identify the problematic units (individual computers and peripherals) and respond in a timely manner.

With our services your computer systems are in safe hands.

Building office networks

We take care of the complete computer office networking – including the integration and maintenance of the peripherals you need.

The entire process is tailored to the specifics of your business to put the right software and hardware options in place.

IT infrastructure design and audit

We design new IT infrastructures and/or audit existing ones to offer you the ideal solutions.

We are guided by your requirements to which we apply innovation and professionalism.

Whatever stage of your business development you are at, we are here to support its sustainable growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, computer and peripheral equipment play an important role in any organization and the implementation of various business processes.

The occurrence of possible problems at the technical, software or network level cannot be prevented unless ongoing professional computer support is provided.

With ITBM Solutions’ subscription IT support service, your IT systems are entrusted to the best care and your work will be smooth and protected.

There are two types of IT support offered by ITBM Solutions:

  • Subscription IT support

In most cases, IT support for software and hardware and related systems is provided through the preferred principle of subscription IT support. This ensures access to a comprehensive ongoing service.

The best choice for businesses that want to ensure consistent, reliable and trouble-free operation of their IT systems is a subscription IT support service.

  • One-time IT support

In rarer cases, customers turn to us for occasional IT support – when a problem is reported by the customer who needs professional intervention for their case. While our experts have the experience and skills to handle such crises, these types of “One-time” IT solutions are not preferable.

The prices for the service vary depending on the various objective factors.

To see the value of the subscription plans we offer, visit our Subscriptions page .

To get a price quote, contact us.