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Professional server support

ITBM Solutions provides server solutions, cloud services and virtualization for your business processes. We take care of their timely and professional support.

Essence of the “Server support” service

Server systems are an crucial part of business organizations and their services.

Advantages of server support services

IT system administration and a full range of services with multiple benefits.

Server support – services from ITBM Solutions

We offer expert server and network solutions for businesses.

Server support from ITBM Solutions

Server systems are a crucial part of business organizations, their resources and services. These systems need needs constant professional support.

This minimizes a wide range of risks to the business, its processes and the data it handles.

Server support within an organization includes a set of activities implemented by a technical specialist – IT system administrator.

  • Our services are focused on the installation, configuration and maintenance of hardware, software and other IT products in the office network;
  • The system administrator installs and configures the software and hardware systems, as well as the related servers, for their smooth operation;
  • In parallel, it takes care of their functionalities, data security and reliability of the server infrastructure built and maintained.

Need reliable server support?
ITBM Solutions will provide you with the right services at the right time.

Advantages of server support service provided by ITBM Solutions

Reliability and functionality

With the solutions provided by ITBM Solutions, you get a functional server infrastructure that meets your daily business needs.

Security and efficiency

Whether your systems are based on cloud services or on-premises servers, our specialists will take care of their maintenance and will guarantee their security and efficiency.

Timely problem identification and response

Among the most important points when performing server maintenance is the timely identification of potential problems, followed by an adequate response to fix them – at ITBM Solutions we will offer you all this and much more.

Support of different types of servers by ITBM Solutions

ITBM Solutions specializes in supporting a wide range of servers – antivirus, Backup, email, database servers.

We offer professional server installation and configuration services and affordable server maintenance rates.


We ensure the protection of your systems by making sure the firewalls and software used by your business are working properly.

Email servers

We will install and configure the email servers you need to ensure fast, secure and reliable business communication.

Backup servers

We provide optimal server solutions to maintain data backups, ensuring access to them in crisis situations.


Have centralized and shared disk space for storage and shared access to your business files with access levels tailored to your needs.

ITBM Solutions guarantees the confidentiality of your data – each file structure is at the sector disk level, which means we do not access your business files directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Server Infrastructure (SI) – whether on-premises or cloud, can be defined as the backbone of any business organization.

SI is the foundation that supports your IT services, including the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data for the business applications you use.

This is a software technology that enables the simultaneous use of multiple virtual servers – many operating systems can be run on one machine. Each will run in its own virtual environment.

Virtualization brings various benefits to the business, including efficient sharing of resources across multiple servers, service downtime is minimized, you get efficient administration and flexibility.